Interior carpenter

Experience: 1-2 years
Work location: Noord-Holland

What are you going to do?

On a yacht or on a cruise ship you will make interior and exterior, among other things. Work you can think of are carpentry such as walls, floors, ceilings and carpentry. Installation work can also be a part of the tasks, provided you are sufficiently experienced in it. As a yacht interior builder, you are responsible for installing the supplied furniture that is made by the furniture makers in the workshop. You will receive on board the material for the space that has been allocated to you and there you will start working on your own project. First measure, make adjustments where necessary, send furniture to the paint shop, after which you can finally install it. Other common activities include making teak railings, laying teak decks, making and installing stair treads, and installing wall panels and ceilings. The most of the work will excist about making teak decks.

Where are you going to work?
You are going to work on a yacht or cruise ship or at the working place.

We offer
A monthly deposit on your bank account.
The right means to excel your job.
Salary according cao.
Good pension scheme.

Who are you?
To qualify for the position you have at least 3 years experience as cabinet marker/Carpenter.

Are you interested?
Phone: +31(0)488-745187


By email:

Phone: +31(0)488-745187

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