Hagrip Detachering the specialist to find jobs in the Netherlands, we doing this more than 17 years

We are a job shop agency with central offices based in Andelst, and servicing a geographical market covering the Netherlands. Specialized in recruitment and selection for co-workers from the European Union.

With our cross border staffing which specializes in mediating employees at various levels and branches. They know to find the right job for you that fits your question and wishes.

We are the partner in finding employers, for employees are looking for a job. We deliver employment services to employers and job seekers. We’ve been doing this for more than twelve years now. Through our knowledge in a lot of branches we are able to deliver better employees to our clients, but we also can do more for you. Our specialist are happy to advice and help you find the right job. We apply the ABU CAO. ABU is the largest trade association for temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands.

If you want to work in the Netherlands, choose us for definite. Take a look at our job offers.

Social involved

Most of our employees work full-time, that means 40 hours a week. We cannot yet telling you exactly how much you will be earning. It is depending about age, knowledge and the collective labour agreement (CLA) from our clients. In the Netherlands there is a minimum rate of pay (2020) a person of 21 years will always earn at least €10,05 per hour bruto, by 38 hours a week.

If your work for our organization we can offer.

  • A correct and fair salary, in accordance with the CAO/CLA
  • 0,19 Kilometer allowance (house – work ) when you drive your own car.
  • Overtime is paid according to our CAO or according to the CLA of the principal.
  • Your contribution in accommodation only €84,85 gross weekly (2021).
  • Inexpensive offer for health insurance for only €25,85 weekly (2021)
  • We paid your salary every four weeks.
  • Accommodation is safe, clean and appropriate. In 99,9% of cases one person on one Bedroom
  • 24 hours / 7 days per week available in case of calamities
  • You will be free during the Dutch Holidays.

Accommodation and transport

In the Netherlands you have the choice to make your own arrangements for transport to work and housing. But in the Netherlands it is mandatory to have health insurance. The collective health insurance of Hagrip Detachering also covers your own risk. That means, you don’t pay the first €385,00 (2020) out of your wallet or get it reimbursed.

If you can/will arrange your own accommodation, we will provide you with some tips. If you decide to option for housing by Hagrip Detachering, you should only bring bed and bath linen with you. You will sleep in a room for 1 or 2, and the house will be furnished. Sometimes it is possible you live in a hotel or in B&B. We take care of the maintenance, but the residents of our houses need to keep them clean themselves.

We always try to find accommodation within 35 km from the house to your employer. You can drive your own car and you will received a compensation of €0,19 from your accommodation to your employer, with a maximum compensation €13,30 (70 km) a day. When the distance from the accommodation to the workplace not more is than 8 km you can travel by bicycle. The use of the bicycle is free, but you will have to pay a €125,00 deposit. But when you choose not to drive with your own car or use the bicycle, you have to choose to rent a car from Hagrip Detachering. Ask us about the conditions.

Hagrip Detachering in short, if you choose Hagrip Detachering, you will be treated as a co-worker.

Ask Hans +31(0)488 745187